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>[LMB] google-fu aid
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>CM:  Title thoughts...
>Demon in the Sun?
>Penric and the Smugglers?
>LMB:  Alas, no smugglers, pirates (this time, at least) or mermaids.  
>(Although "The Pirates of Penric" begs for a tale to go under it.)  The 
>story takes place entirely upon land, after the intro.  A tight focus 
>with three main characters (or four, if you count the demon, which one 
>should), only two of whom get viewpoints, Penric and one other.  Fairly 
>streamlined plot/course of events, no subplots, though quite a bit of 
>backstory backfill from various sides, the new folks' because we haven't 
>met them before, and Penric because we're jumping over several years 
>since we last saw him, and his relocation in time, space, and head-space 
>would be too confusing without it.  Also, much is current-plot-pertinent.
>Title possibilities mooted so far, all rejected:
>"Penric and the General" -- put the readers' attention too much on the 
>wrong character
>"Penric and the Widow" -- not as bad as the above, but doesn't make the 
>tale sound much like what it actually is
>"Penric and Madame Owl"  -- similar problem as #2, plus it made even the 
>people who have read the manuscript go, "Say what?"
>Light and vision are important themes, tho' not the only ones. Again, we 
>are not actually tied to the "Penric and..." format. Yet.  ("Penric 
>in..." might open that up a bit.)  Don't like "Penric in Cedonia" 
>because the word will be meaningless, and also, again, not quite the 
>right focus.

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