[LMB] Regrets, Miles had a few.....

Corrina Lawson corrinaannelawson at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 15:13:09 BST 2016

Re: Ekaterin and Tien

I don't feel as if she would have changed her mind about leaving Tien if he
lived. She'd made that decision and seems firm on that in the scene. (She
decides before he takes with Miles, yes, or am I remembering wrong?)

As for public disgrace, I'm thinking whatever happened with Tien would be
kept to the utmost secrecy, so it would all be handled quietly. One wonders
if Miles might even provide incentive for Tien not to fight Ekaterin for
custody of their son, something like "lesser sentence for quick and
painless divorce." (Though I doubt Miles would tell Ekaterin about that

What Tien living might do is prevent Ekaterin from being on that space
station, however, and that would be bad news overall for Ekaterin, Miles,
and much of Komarr itself.

But, in any case, I'm not sure that regrets are logical. One can know that
actions changed will alter history but still feel regret for deaths that
might have been prevented save for mistakes.

On Aral, when we first meet him, the uppermost regrets in his mind seem to
be not saving his mother (though even at that point he knows this is an
illogical reaction given his age and the situation), not knowing what his
political officer would do on Komarr, and his handling of his wife's
infidelity. He seems to regret the deaths of her two lovers and, certainly,
her death too. The question still seems to press on him, as he mentions it
to Miles in ACC, which is where we find out that Aral suspected that
*Piotr* had his daughter-in-law killed.

That's a hard thing to carry around all your life. He seems to carry around
the horror of his mother's murder as a tragedy but the other two things as
something he could have realistically changed if only he'd been better.

Which makes me wonder if Piotr had any regrets. Perhaps not seeing the
murder of his family coming. He certainly seems to not have regretted his
actions during the various wars. (Or, if he did, we never get a hint.)


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