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I think Miles did have a few safe choices but he never took them.

After his first washout at the Academy, Aral offered Miles an education and
a job in the district as a lawyer. Certainly, a comedown from a great
military career but, as we see later, having a committed and intelligent
Vorkosigan helping to make lives better for people in the district by
administering the law and perhaps leading changes to the law might well
have benefited a large number of people.

Miles viewed this as giving up on him, and as a horrible consolation prize
for all his work. No way he wouldn't, of course and it's asking too much
for him to have the maturity to see this. He has too much to prove and he's
been too traumatized by his physical disabilities.

But the choice did exist, as did him settling on Beta Colony at some point.
Cordelia seems to hint at that, a few times.

And Miles had a very active choice on whether to stay with Elli and her
fleet or whether to be part of Barrayar. Both those choices had drawbacks,
of course, but each had something positive to offer. It wasn't a choice of
two bad choices but a case of mostly two good choices with some bad fallout
either way.


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> wrote:
> > Another stray thought - given Aral's extremely traumatic childhood - war,
> > massacre, war, Imperial vivisection; then dumped into a boarding school
> and
> > expected to go back to being ordinary, then Ges, marriage, duels, Ges,
> > brilliant
> > career, career implosion, brilliant career, disaster, brilliant....  Ok,
> > well given
> > all that, I'm amazed that Aral held himself together so well.
> >
> Suddenly I'm reminded of High King Peter, Queen Susan, King Edmund, and
> Young Queen Lucy, who suddenly have to go back to being children, and told
> what to do.  Must have been tough. (Fanfic, anyone? They must be out
> there...  but given Sturgeon's Law I prefer to avoid the random % and only
> read recced fic which will usually be in the 10% )
> GP: It's a brilliant offer, highlight of a marvellous career. But he has
> other
> options now. Mind you, it's hard to complain when you're torn between
> two great futures. So many times in this series the choices were between
> two bad options, and the character had to pick the least worst. Oliver
> really is the sunshine, compared to the gloomy shadows of the Vorkosigan
> history.
> Sylvia: Oh, Miles.  he never had good choices for such a long time. OTOH no
> small part of this may have come from viewing his superior officers as
> future subordinates.
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