[LMB] Was Lois the first?

Zan Lynx zlynx at acm.org
Tue Oct 11 22:16:36 BST 2016

On October 11, 2016 2:23:48 PM MDT, WILLIAM A WENRICH <wawenri at msn.com> wrote:
>After the Apple and Dell laptop fires ten years ago (pause for joke:
>How is a Dell fire different from and Apple fire? There is no
>difference but the apple has better graphics.), the Galaxy 7 batteries
>exploding, and the possibility that more phones and laptops will be
>affected, was Lois the first to write about power packs being turned
>into grenades?
>The first mention I recall is Aral lighting a fire and blowing up aa
>river bank in SoH. It makes sense as manufacturers strive for greater
>energy density. But who was the first to write about it?
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Star Trek was doing it with phasers in the original series.

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