[LMB] more title search

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Wed Oct 12 19:55:50 BST 2016

Still mulling titles, unsatisfactorily... wish I could come up with 
something as memorable and mysteriously evocative as _A Fish Dinner in 
Memison_, but alas.

This morning's brainstorming, or braindrizzing, produced:

A Sorcerer in Cedonia

Penric in Cedonia

Penric in Patos

A Sorcerer Astray

An Envoy Astray

Penric's Mission

A Simple Mission

A Widow of Cedonia

Astray in Cedonia

Chaos in Cedonia

The Envoy and Madame Owl

General formats of: An Event in Cedonia, Noun of Cedonia, Entity in/to 
Cedonia...  argh.  And the endless inevitable Penric and X/Penric's 
X/Penric in X, Whatevers.

Did get my driver's license renewed this morning, so the day is not a 
dead loss.

Ta, L.

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