[LMB] Whom do you serve?

Lois Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Thu Oct 13 21:20:50 BST 2016


I'm correcting page proofs for the upcoming Baen trade paperback reissue 
of /Borders of Infinity/ this week, for my sins.  As usual, I am 
spending way to much time second-guessing twenty-year-old minutia.  
Minutiae.  Whatever. Today's eye-crossing puzzle: who versus whom.

I've no trouble with the whoms that follow the -- whatever they're 
called, not conjunctions -- to whom, of whom, with, behind, etc.  It's 
the naked whoms that throw me.  Can anyone tell me if these usages are 
correct (and don't guess, only answer if you know for sure):

To think that Illyan, whom he’d
known all his life, whom he’d assumed trusted him implicitly

  that of the late Sergeant Bothari whom Pym had

The liveried
man was the laconic veteran Esterhazy, whom Miles had known most
of his life

Fell’s green guards hesitated, not certain just whom to shoot,

pallbearers, whom Miles had begun to think of as his general staff,

I have reached the point of proofreading where /everything/ looks wrong, 

Ta, L.  (The BoI reissue is scheduled for January, btw. Corrections due 
as soon as I can finish them, because I sure do have more rewarding 
things to do with my time...)

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