[LMB] truth in labeling puzzle

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I think as long as the actual word count is somewhere fairly accessible--on the book pages or in the front matter. Because if it's marketed as a novella, people are going to nominate it as a novella, and the administrators need to know to move it if necessary. (Which is problematic, at least for the Hugos, because if I nominate 5 things in novel and New Penric in Novella, they won't move it to the correct category because I've already maxed out my novel nominations.)

This is all assuming Lois has any kind of eye on nominations. If that's not a factor, then go with whatever makes the most sense for what ARE the relevant factors.

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Lois asks: "novella? explanation? something else?"

I vote for novella. It's close enough that most people won't notice the
difference (IMO, anyway). And you're giving us more, not less, so who is
going to complain.


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