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Fri Oct 21 01:55:18 BST 2016

On Fri, Oct 21, 2016 at 12:40:13AM +0000, Gwynne Powell wrote:
> I'm in a pretty busy patch of my life right now, so of course this is the
> moment that I suddenly, for no reason that I can fathom, get an
> overpowering urge to reread the WGW series.
> It gets better each time. I keep finding more, and giving more attention
> to the secondary characters.
> And of course there's scenes I'd love to see. The extra bits I yearn to
> know about:
> First and foremost, Sumac and Arkady's visit to her family. For the first
> time she has a bloke that out-statuses Dar. Plus there'd be Cumbia and
> Dar blaming Dag for Sumac staying away, and for staying with his
> farmer wife, and for not becoming a maker when Cumbia wanted him
> to, and for just existing. And Sumac's reaction. And Arkady's reaction
> (or, in his case, non-reaction, but non-reaction with IMPACT.)  I LONG
> to see what happened with that.

and after a while, Arkady gets fed up to HERE! with Cumbia badmouthing
the best apprentice Arkady has ever had and lets her know, politely
but scathingly (I'm sure Arkady can do both, simultaneously) that Dag
is doing _Important Work_ where he is, _Work That Cannot Be Done_ in
Hickory Lake camp (no farmers, see?). A scene I definitely would like
to see (fly on the tent wall).

> The reaction in the camps to having farmers joining the patrols. Again,
> I'm sure that Dar and Cumbia will see it as some dark plot and revenge
> of Dag's. (Sort of correct, but not in the way they'd see it.)
> I'd love to see a malice break out down south, where they don't expect it.
> Dag and Fawn, and their children, visiting his old camp in a few years' time.
> And maybe a revisit in a few centuries, to see how that world has changed.
> But most of all that Sumac-Arkady camp visit!
> Gwynne (Time. I have no time. Oh look, a book.....)
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