[LMB] Birthday Tixie for October 23

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 24 04:10:34 BST 2016

We're going to see how far up the mountain we can get this week. Winter is 
coming, and we may have to turn back if the weather turns, but a little fresh air 
and some nice goat cheese sounds like an admirable goal for a road trip this time of year. 

Several of the inns along the way to the pass have banded together and formed a 
Cider Road, so we'll get the chance to taste some of the best of the best. 

The shabby inn across the road from the burned wreckage of Martensden doesn't 
look like much, but the cider is delicious! After a few glasses of cheer and a 
suspicious sausage or two, we load up the metal detectors and search through the 
wreckage of Martensden. We've gotten permission from both the Temple and the town 
council, and we can keep 10 percent of whatever we find. It's the first thing the 
two administrative bodies have agreed about regarding Martensden since the penta-
damned edifice burned down. 

Pam leads the charge, carefully scouting out the safer areas and warning against 
the places that are a bit too rocky. Near the middens, her metal detector begins 
to beep furiously, and we discover where the old middens had been. Under all the 
petrified crap, we dig up . . . a huge collection of knives and swords, all with 
handsome cloisonne garnets set in the handles. It's incredible. We come up with 
3,500 of the darn things, and of course, Pam gets her first pick of the best of 
the lot. 

Smudged with charcoal and hungry for even the most suspicious sausage, we make 
our way back to the inn, where we find that the evening staff has boiled up a 
huge batch of fresh chicken soup. Just the thing after a chilly adventure! 

Wishing Pam the best of birthdays, the birthday Tixie sifts the Tixie dust in 
and under all the beds in the inn, and we all sleep the sound sleep of successful 
treasure hunters. 

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