[LMB] A use for human cloning technology that isn't unethical?

baur baur baur at chello.at
Mon Oct 24 07:09:42 BST 2016

hmmm ..

it should be possible to clone tissue cultures for the originators of all the
different constituent parts (red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets,

question is - do we NEED all those parts?

or would it be enough - for emergency use - to use a sterile expander solution
and add cultured red blood cells and perhaps platelets as needed to stop
leaking? (becasue i could think of situation where you might NOT want the blood
clotting easily)



>     Eric Oppen <ravenclaweric at gmail.com> hat am 24. Oktober 2016 um 07:22
> geschrieben:
>     Wouldn't it be possible to "clone" blood supplies, so that any hospital
> has
>     all-but-unlimited supplies of all types and Rhesus factors?
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