[LMB] Are we still reading Gentleman Jole and the the Red Queen?!

catherine muir c_muir68 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 24 09:31:30 BST 2016

One important strand in GJRQ is dialogue.  Looking back over the series, I can't recall too many examples of a viewpoint character really engaging in conversation with minor characters, or anybody not a family member (including armsmen in that) or soon to be significant other.   They talk to, talk at even, speechify to but listen and respond? Not so much.

In this book we have the dialogue between the two viewpoint characters, Jole and Haines, Cordelia and Freddie and Jole, all of the offspring, Dr tan, Miklos Ghem Soren, and at one remove the mayoral candidates and plas Dan. And others. And each dialogue advances the plot. In fact, dialogue seems to be the main motivating factor in the story.

Not that there's no action.

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