[LMB] Are we still reading Gentleman Jole and the the Red Queen?!

catherine muir c_muir68 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 24 17:48:19 BST 2016

Continuing the thought

Cordelia and Jole talk in the restaurant. Leads to Jole talking with Dr Tan. Leads to 3 incipient sons.

Jole talks to Haynes. Gets idea of family support network. After the aircar incident, he talks to Freddie, leads to one native guide for junior Vorkosigan.

Cordelia talks to Mikos (at end) - gets herself a plumber.

Cordelia talks to Mark (offstage) - gets Kareen and a plascrete factory.

Cordelia talks to young Aral, sets him on course for a non military career.

Now, compare and contrast.

Miles fails an exam goes AWOL, fights a war. W
Makes many speeches. Who does he listen to?

Cordelia gets married, falls pregnant, cuts off a head, stops a war. What does she change by talking?

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