[LMB] A use for human cloning technology that isn't unethical?

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ISTR that Isaac Asimov also died of AIDS thanks to a bad transfusion when
they operated on him sometime in the early 80s.

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> > They m!
> > anaged to save her and her son BUT this was in 1984 before the HIV blood
> scanning had started. Three months after our children were born those of us
> who had transfusions get letters from the hospital to come in for tests. I
> was lucky I only had two bags but Melissa wasn't she went through I don't
> know how many bags to save her life and it ended up killing her.
> That’s how Arthur Ashe died.    He was the same age as his father was when
> each of them had a massive heart attack.  His father died of the heart
> attack, he died of transfusion induced AIDS.     Being a world class
> athlete wasn’t enough to overcome his genetic inheritance.   I had my heart
> attack the same age as my father had his, but I’ve out-lived his death-age
> by 3 years now.
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