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Isn't there anything to draw people to Kareenburg *other* than the Imperial
Viceroy?  Certainly that's going to be a bit of a draw, what with the
diplomats who need to meet with them and their support facilities, and the
troops who need to protect them and *their* support facilities.  But surely
that's not the only thing.

Vorbar Sultana, IIRC, didn't develop because the Emperor was there.  It was
as far up a major river as primitive technology could reach, and therefore
the logical place to establish shipping up and down that river.  The
Emperor was there because the city thrived, not vice versa - although of
course his presence was a factor.

If the only thing that makes Kareenburg desirable is the proximity to the
Department of ImpVice, all those people are fools for investing in it in
the first place.

Beatrice Otter:Kareenburg is the current capital, right? Kareenburg is there because the base is there, and the base is there because the cache of war supplies for the Escobar war was there because the caves in the volcano were a good hiding spot and it was all inertia from there.  We are not told of any local industries that require natural resources (mining, etc.).
We are not given any reason in favor of the other prospective sites that I recall, besides "not next to an active volcano."  OTOH, I would bet good money that either of them have better local prospects even ignoring the volcano. The current capital is based on proximity to a hidden cache with absolutely NO thought given to any civilian considerations.  All other settlements so far have been set up as purely civilian towns for civilian reasons--good climate to live in, good resources for business, etc.
Beatrice Otter

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