[LMB] blood and guts and genre taboo, was A use for human cloning

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> Yes that would be wonderful. After spending an interminable time in
> hospital waiting for my baby to be cooked enough I was induced at 8.30 on
> Saturday morning. There was a young woman expecting her first and we had
> got talking as you wait contemplating your huge bellies. She was fit and
> healthy in her first year of marriage but her blood pressure was slightly
> elevated so they decided to induce labour. Well things went bad for her and
> they raced her into theatre for a c section. Then they couldn't stop the
> bleeding and rushed her back in to cauterise the bleeders. Some hours later
> she was still bleeding and they had gone through the supplies the hospital
> had and were milking the nurses while they were waiting for the helicopter
> delivery from the blood bank. Eventually they had to rush her into theatre
> and do an emergency hysterectomy to save her life. She was a private
> patient with one of the top obstetricians in Sydney at one of the top
> maternity hospitals in Sydney . They managed to save her and her son BUT
> this was in 1984 before the HIV blood scanning had started. Three months
> after our children were born those of us who had transfusions get letters
> from the hospital to come in for tests. I was lucky I only had two bags but
> Melissa wasn't she went through I don't know how many bags to save her life
> and it ended up killing her. This was in the very early days when not a lot
> could be done. The only mercy was that as Melissa was so ill she couldn't
> breastfeed her baby - if she had he would have caught it as well.
Miles was hacked and splattered across various books. Alys had a single
scene of bloody childbirth. Cordelia had a very antiseptic hospitalized
childbirth. Any other women give birth in teh VorK 'verse?

Caz points out that Iselle risks her life in childbed just as Bergon (sp?)
does in battle. But we have some bloody knife work in the 5G 'verse and i
don't remember any bloody births.

Fawn has a bloody messy miscarriage, and the readers sneered. Even some
fans thought it was too girly, not enough action.

Blood and guts sells across genres - mil fic, sci-fi splatter, horror,
fantasy (don't even get me started on Game of Thrones) and everything else


not for the fair maiden. Somehow, pregnancy, labor, childbirth, are all
'icky' and should not be included in the story.  I wonder why that is?

I was very pleased that Cordelia's period (or lack thereof) made it into
the story line.  Also Fawn. Not any of the 5G verse.

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