[LMB] Are we still reading Gentleman Jole and the the Red Queen?

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Thu Oct 27 04:22:08 BST 2016

As far as reasonable transportation costs are concerned, I think we need to differentiate between what is a reasonable cost for a Vorkosigan (super rich) or for a consulate that has a budget based on the assumption that one office will serve an entire planet, (long distance travel is an expected cost of business) versus what is a reasonable cost for a city planner, who has to factor in things like "ordinary working class people commuting to work every day."

Right now, Kareenburg seems to be small enough that most people can walk for most daily trips. One main street, a few cross-streets and side streets.  A longer commute to the military base - you need a groundcar, or there is probably some type of public transportation for ordinary workers out there. 
In Komarr, Miles, Elkatrin and Nikki take a suborbatal shuttle to the next city over to get Nikki his medical treatment. This takes several hours, and that is expedited travel for an Auditor.  It would have been a much longer trip for Ekatrin on her own.  That isn't practical for someone to live one place and work in another.  
Kareenburg can remain a small town on the side of a volcano, in the desert, if it doesn't have to expand with the demands of being a planetary capitol as the planet develops.  That's Cordelia's vision, and her job is to promote the planet's good.
But Kareenburg's mayor's job is to promote Kareenburg.  Having it written off as a small town with no future is not good for the city's future.  
That's one reason to have multiple layers of government - so that local needs have a voice, even as national/planetary needs are focused on at other levels.  
But any planning for Kareenburg's future can't rely on the idea that the entire community will have access to the type of travel options that a Vorkosigan, or a few consulate officials trying to do the job for an entire planet, use. 

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