[LMB] Re: Are we still reading Gentleman Jole and the the Red Queen?!

A. Marina Fournier saffronrose at me.com
Thu Oct 27 04:33:52 BST 2016

On Oct 25, 2016, at 04:55 PM, Eric Oppen <ravenclaweric at gmail.com> wrote:

The thing is, I can think of several Earth cities that are in danger zones
that may well be far more endangered than Kburg. Naples (Vesuvius) and the
coastal cities of California (San Andreas Fault) come to mind in this

amf: erm, in the US, not all coastal cities, and not just coastal CA cities. Anyone in the area of the New Madrid fault; if the Yellowstone supervolcano ever goes off, quite a larger area. Anchorage, AK, entirety of the country of Chile. Most of the SF East Bay (Hayward and Calaveras fault systems), the Salton Sea at the lower end of the San Andreas., the Seattle area from a subduction quake, Mt McKinley going off...those are just the ones off the top of my head. My husband and I were on two different plates in October 1989: Cupertino had far less damage (substrate or tectonic waves being close to the surface elsewhere) than did Santa Cruz County or Los Gatos (closer than Cupertino to the fault zone).

Then there's the Pacific Rim of Fire, directly experienced by our Kiwi and Japanese members (and their compatriots), which have a greater likelihood of more frequent danger than does CA and the PNW.
EO: That said, since they _can_ move the capital, why ever not do so?

amf: Quite.


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