[LMB] plus-size novella title run-off

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 27 04:46:58 BST 2016

Penric's Mission, mostly because I know who Penric is, and because Mission is 
fairly active. A Meeting in Cedonia, if one didn't know anything about the series 
(and even if one did but skimmed over the Cedonia parts) sounds like it's in a 
boardroom somewhere. Something teases my memory . . . that Meeting in Whereever 
(Damascus?) where the guy learned he was going to die tonight (from Death?), so he 
ran to Damascus, where he dies. He asks Death, why were you surprised when we met in my hometown? BECAUSE I WAS EXPECTING TO SEE YOU IN DAMASCUS NOW. Or some such. 
I've really mangled the story . . . . But anyway, widows, Meetings, generals . . . 
. Can't wait until it ocmes out. 

Also, if everything starts with "Penric" then a reader can quickly find all the 
novelettes in the list. 


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