[LMB] plus-size novella title run-off

Margaret Devere margaret at devere.net
Thu Oct 27 16:27:26 BST 2016

Sue Wartell writes:

<snip> the title is one of the last things that make me pick up a book.
Author is first, genre is probably second, recommendations from friends and
then from reviewers comes next, and finally some combination of intriguing
cover and title.


This has probably already been asked and answered on the list, but -- what
got you to read your first Bujold?
It was quite random for me. Denver has an awesome independent bookstore --
The Tattered Cover. I was browsing, and saw the paperback Cordelia's Honor.
Bought it, read it, immediately went back to get the rest of the

I have no idea what attracted my attention, but, guessing, it was the woman
on the cover, with no space armor or death rays in evidence.


P.S. That was back when The Tattered Cover was in Cherry Creek -- had not
been driven to move to an inferior location. Alas for the march of progress.

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