[LMB] October 27 Birthday Tixie

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 28 05:55:29 BST 2016

 Oh little town of Whippoorwill! How jealous art thou of Martensbridge! But it's still a perfectly respectable, nice town that boasts a crowded but cheap chapter of the Daughter's Order. We all are ready for a rest after the long ride from Martensbridge. 
The Ladies of the order (and all the gentlemen as well) are busy cleaning the place from top to bottom, getting ready for the coming winter. Kind of the opposite of spring cleaning. Of course, this advanced in the season, the root cellars and storehouses have all been completely cleaned out, and packed with the rich harvest. We are set to work in the attics, in exchange for a little extra Weald Forest Ham with our dinner. Quite a treat!
Aruvquan finds a stunning masterpiece -- a very famous Ibran painting of a centaur bringing a basket of wine to a young tree nymph. It could be a forgery, but if so, it's a forgery of such beauty and precision that it might as well be the original! Whippoorwill, amongst other things, has also been full-up with artists this year, and the divine is ready to stash some of the masterpieces they received this summer (in exchange for other Whippourwillean treats) in the attic, and get them out of the dining hall. Aruvquan finds herself the owner of this delightful piece of art, and she wraps it up and sends it home via courier.
As the more mundane dust settles and is gently shooed out the door, the Birthday Tixie gently powders the place with some Tixie Dust. Here's wishing Aruvquan a most happy birthday!

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