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Mercy Hospital in Des Moines has the "Hoptel," a sort of motel attached to
the hospital for people who're staying close to relatives.  My father,
brother and I stayed there off-and-on after my mother had her dreadful head
injury.  I don't know quite what the rules are on it, but I don't think
that genuine relatives of people in real bad shape have to pay anything.

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> > Hospitals also need housing for relatives of patients who want to stay
> > overnight, who want to stay for a week or a month, and who have to pay
> > rent/mortgage on their own home while staying near the hospital.
> Those in the US at least (not sure of any but the one by Lucille Packard
> Children's Hospital: do NOT call is Stanford Children's, or else) can
> donate change when they order food at McDonald's, for the running of the
> Ronald McDonald House, where families of children at LPCH may stay at no
> charge while the child is in hospital. There's likely a free shuttle to
> take them back and forth.
> I don't eat there very often, and my order is always the Filet of Fish
> sandwich, ketchup no tartar, extra patty, extra cheese. Of the drive-ins
> with fish on the menu, I prefer theirs to BK's version, and don't eat JitB
> food (no appeal).
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> You may very well think so, but I couldn't possibly comment.
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