[LMB] Wide Green questions... pairing knives

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 31 11:07:19 GMT 2016

From: pouncer at aol.com

The scarcity of knives seems to vary with each book.
In the first, Dag implies to Fawn that Lakewalkers
ALWAYS carry in pairs: one primed, one unprimed.

GP: Just found some textev - when Dag leads the company to fight
the Bonemarsh malice, he has about seventy patrollers, carrying more
than a dozen knives.

I think the double-knife thing is fairly standard for Dag while he's
patrolling - he mentions that sometimes he had more than one sharing
knife at the same time. People gave him their knives, so he had way more
than his fair share. (Ha. Another pun. It's contagious.)

There's also the fact that, at the beginning, he's streamlining the facts he
gives Fawn - she's a farmer, she's in shock, the situation is pretty hairy. Later
we see a wider view, of patrols in the South where things are easier, and of
patrollers who aren't Dag (Dag sets the bar pretty high.)


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