[LMB] OT: Fuzzies (was Re: Lois gets still more love)

Jim Parish jparish at siue.edu
Sat Apr 1 02:16:46 BST 2017

Antoine Guillaud wrote:
> Must disagree with you about Scalzi,
> <snip>
> What he did to my beloved Fuzzies, though, drove me nuts after 5
> pages. Ought to check old man's war, but his Fuzzy reboot made me really,
> really, really mad... All the poetry and wonderful prose of Beam Piper
> converted into ... well, gonna breathe now...
> And yes, I know, YMMV.

I will say this of Scalzi's take on the Fuzzies. It lacks the charm of 
the original, but in one respect I think Scalzi's vision is superior: 
his Fuzzies have agency, where (for the most part, and certainly in the 
first book) Piper's did not. I found Papa Fuzzy's courtroom speech, at 
the end of the book, very moving.

No, they aren't Piper's Fuzzies, and I love Piper's Fuzzies. But the 
infantilization of the species by their creator doesn't sit well with 
me, and never has.

(To be fair, there was improvement on this in the later books. The, 
ahem, creative Fuzzy from over the mountains in, I think, the third book 
was a step in the right direction.)

Jim Parish

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