[LMB] Sorcerous Architects (NO spoilers for most current Pen&Des)

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> > It’s easy to see magic spells as instructions, like computer programs.
> >  But there are alternative ways of designing magic in a world that could
> > better fit classical engineering.
> >
> >
> The Lord Darcy mysteries are set in a world in which magic has been
> discovered and tackled with, effectively, the scientific method. One of the
> major characters (the Watson equivalent) is a forensic sorcerer who uses
> tools like the Law of Contagion to confirm that a particular pistol fired a
> particular bullet, or the Law of Similarity to confirm that a blue dye is
> woad.
> One book takes place at a sorcerer's convention, where the latest in
> magical gadgetry is being demonstrated.

All the love for Forensic Scientist Sean O'Lochlain, who is a whole lot
smarter than most detective sidekicks.
He is nothing at all like Sherlock Holme's Doctor Watson, who's job it was
to look boggled at Holmes's cleverness.  His place in the story is a lot
more like Rex Stout's Archie Goodwin playing second fiddle to Nero Wolf
(although Sean O'L is absolutely and completely unlike Archie G)

Mysteries make such a good counterpoint to SF/F, why not combine the genres?


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