[LMB] two Hugo nominations

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 7 03:58:44 BST 2017

From: Walter Bushell 

> On Apr 6, 2017, at 1:23 AM, M. Haller Yamada  wrote:
> -: And isn't it perfectly wondrous, my fellow listees, that the Best Serial nominations are perfectly 
> balanced with 50 percent female authors, and 50 percent male authors? Why, looking at this slim, slim sample, one might even start to think that SFF may be one of the most balanced genres around!


Walter Bushell: Better than Romance, where, I have heard, all the authors are male. Any resemblance to the truth being 
sales poison.

Micki: Don't be silly. Most of the romance writers are women, writing for other women. The huge 
question is, why aren't more men in on this deal? I've heard, nay, I've witnessed and even 
experienced that men like kissing and stuff. Sturgeon's Law of course applies, but the best of 
romance is right up there with the best of anything. And I know that the men on this list are open-
minded enough to at least try it (especially with a good recommendation), but the general public? 
Bunch of chickens confined by society's filters, I think. 

You'll have to unpack the "any resemblance to the truth being sales poison". If I'm understanding 
what you are saying correctly, that would be true to the same extent in all fiction genres, and even 
one or two "non-fiction" genres. 

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