[LMB] OT: New email address

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Fri Apr 7 12:42:20 BST 2017

Dear Alfred,

New email noted. I was sorely tempted to send the
messages below individually - but have refrained.

I have, however, registered you for a maximum
volume subscription to Spam-U-Like. Make sure your
new mailbox is a big one:-)

Best wishes - James

Subject:- Size Does Matter
Text:-    I'm worried that this email may be too short.

Subject:- Gambol at Jimmy's Casino
Text:-    Be a lamb.

Subject:- Please help the Widow of an African Tyrant
Text:-    There's this illegal fortune needs to be exported through 
YOUR bank account.

Subject:- Negative Mortgage Interest
Text:-    We pay you to borrow from us....

Subject:- Spam - No Prescription Necessary
Text:-    Whoever heard of a prescription for chopped pork?

Subject:- Keep Viruses out of your Computer
Text:-    Use a handkerchief when you sneeze.

Subject:- Visit my Webcam Site to see It Get Longer and Thicker
Text:-    My stalagmite grows while you watch!

Subject:- Free Pornography
Text:-    Please advise us of the make and model of your pornograph.

Subject:- Rebuild your Credit Card
Text:-    Paint a Visa card by numbers kits available by return.
           Paint the Sistine Chapel by numbers available for advanced students. 

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