[LMB] keeping Miles busy

Kevin Kennedy kevink45 at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 7 16:42:13 BST 2017

I'm wondering what Miles is up to, when things are quiet enough there's no need for his Auditorial talents. He's not Regent or Prime Minister, to keep him in Vorbarr Sultana all the time or Viceroy of Sergyar or anything else that keeps him off planet for a long time, the Cetagandans aren't invading at the moment. So he's got more time than his father and grandfather to spend in his district. What's he been doing to give the local economy a boost, I wonder?  With whatever he gets from his butterbug and other MVK Enterprises investments, he's got some money to spend.  Did Vorkosigan House get a new roof eventually? Other renovations besides the stonework in the front hall? The house at Vorkosigan Surleau is a converted barracks,  done under wartime conditions(or right after) when money was tight and immediate family rather sparse. Now things are quieter, and there are six kids to house and keep busy, especially during school holidays. Might he consider building a new house by the lake?  It might be fun to speculate on what gets built.  Very new & modern, or the Barrayaran equivalent of Scottish Baronial, with modern conveniences? How many bedrooms for family, for visiting relatives, for other guests, what sort of other rooms?  Will he upgrade the stables?  Build a bigger boathouse? add something else?  Somehow I imagine there's not as big a demand for live-in servants, so will some more cottages or some sort of apartments be added in the village?  Ekaterine would plan the grounds for sure.

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