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From: Margaret Devere who quotes Lois about power.
Micki: Yes, it gave me a lot of food for thought, too! The fertility bit really struck me. One of her characters says, "All true wealth is biological" and I wondered how it fits in with the fertility statement. I think it's true that our kids can be a source of wealth, but they can also be a source of poverty (-:. Very undependable and unreliable as investments. We invest because it's the right thing to do, and to a certain extent it's ingrained, I think. But I think only a foolish or power-mad parent in this day and age would expect to see a return on the investment. The hope is that the investment gets passed on, I think. 
At any rate, money is a very nice form of power, if one doesn't go overboard. Makes all the other forms of wealth more enjoyable.
Another power quote: sex, power, money, and elephants. I've been thinking about this so often over the past few months. I think elephants represent a certain hobby passion that drives people to "catch 'em all" or whatever else fool thing we do. 

Margaret again:

"All true wealth is biological" has come up before, a couple of times. IMO, it's not referring to one's children. Instead, it's a larger statement: Biology, aka life, provides a significant opportunity for major change, evolution, and complexity. Wealth refers to the diversity of resource from which new things can be created.


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