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> How would such resource flows differ from ordinary rent? A

Well, I guess it can be counted as rent if the adult child is living
his/her parents, but even when the child isn't living with his/her parents,
they still regularly give some of their salary to them. Sometimes it stops
when the child gets married, sometimes up until the child gets a child of
his/her own. Back when I was a child, my parents and my paternal aunts
bought a flat for my paternal grandparents, even though the mortgage on
their own flat hasn't been paid off yet.

And in mainland China, I've heard of cases where the daughter is unhappy
because she has to pay her parents a part of her salary so that they can
buy a flat for the younger brother, who didn't have to pay their parents

I'm curious how the Taiwanese are handling this as well.

little Alex

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