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> >What you want is in the miracle tech range.
> As was powered flight, within the lifetimes of people who died not that  long ago.  

Not in fact so, you are thinking of heavier than air flight ?


The steam powered airship was made by Baptiste Jules Henri Jacques
Giffard who was born in Paris in 1825. He invented the injector and the
Giffard dirigible, an airship powered with a steam engine, and weighing
over 180 kg (400 lb), it was the world's first passenger-carrying
airship (then known as a dirigible, which was French )

On 24 September 1852, Giffard made the first powered and controlled
flight travelling 27 km from Paris to Élancourt.[2] The wind was too
strong to allow him to make way against it, so he was unable to return
to the start

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