[LMB] OT: (no SPL, but so inspired) Suddenly thinking about kids' movie

pouncer at aol.com pouncer at aol.com
Wed Apr 12 16:24:15 BST 2017

"How to Train Your Dragon" ...

Some time since I've seen it but I now, much belatedly, remember 
I had resolved to see if the movie was based on a book, and if so,
then find that book.

It's astonishing how the title alone swamps search results with
links to the movie franchise.  Like, books don't even exist. 

I am now especially surprised since a search with "original book"
added as criteria reveals there was a full series of over a dozen
such books.  So, successful enough, and explanatory about 
why the film makers thought they could make money off the
idea.  Looks like book 2 of the series is where I would jump in
if I follow through on the belated resolution. 

ANYHOW, now wondering if a "How to Train Your DEMON" series
might run to a dozen illustrated short novels, a movie deal, a
line of toys, plush toys, posed action figures, Wii games ...

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