[LMB] Gregor - The Moment

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 13 01:23:07 BST 2017

From: Marc Wilson 
Micki: >I'm reminded of Facebook syndrome, where everyone else's life looks perfect and blissful. 

Marc: You have a very different circle of friends, then. 

Micki: Well . . . I haven't been on Facebook for years. And thinking about this statement I've made 
is fascinating. What filters are in place that I should get this idea? I've read news articles that 
say people are getting depressed because they have faulty filters: they see their friends' lives (on 
FB and other social media) as glamorous and "with-it" while they view their own lives (through 
filters again) as being total crap (even though they may post only the glamorous and exciting 
moments on FB). (-: Through the rumor mill, I hear my friends mostly post political links that are 
not glamorous but are certainly exciting the emotions for good or ill. So, the news articles and my 
personal gossip mill don't match up with the facts. 

Sounds rational. There probably have been serious studies done about the percentage of "status" 
photos put up vs. other kinds of posts. It's all out there for any researcher to dig through . . . . 
The filters we all put on, though, make things good and bad. 

I'm saying that Miles may have filters that automatically makes other people's Public Personas look 
happy, while his own filters may dwell a little too much on his current misery (whatever that is). 

Pretty human thing, really. 

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