[LMB] Different times, different places.

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 13 09:30:24 BST 2017

In a different timeline....

It's fun to imagine the characters in different situations, or times. Seeing how
they'd cope.

And then my idle meanderings got to... Miles, in a democracy.

What would Miles's career trajectory (I don't think of him as having a career
path, it's more spectacular than that) be like if he'd been raised in a democracy
instead of an Empire?

Miles rises to the top, but in an Empire he has a secure cap on his rise; he has
Gregor, and no matter what he remains almost fanatically loyal to Gregor, and
to the Emperor too. He has no idea of taking on the job; the family has tacitly
agreed that if Gregor does a Yuri then it'll be Ivan's turn on the hot seat. Miles

will always serve the Emperor.

But what about Miles in a democracy? There's nothing to limit his aspirations,
or his rise. Miles as Prime Minister, or President? Can you imagine Miles in an
election campaign? (Please don't go all US politics with this, I'm not aligning it
with any specific US person or situation, past or present. Just speculating on
how Miles would handle the situation.)

Mark would be Bill Gates, or something similar, probably. Ivan... maybe a big
name in Hollywood (or TV.. .maybe a star in soap operas?)

Frankly I think it's lucky that Miles was born and raised in an Empire. The
thought of him loose in a democracy is frightening.


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