[LMB] Gregor - Quietly Angry

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 18 06:35:03 BST 2017

From: "A. Marina Fournier" <saffronrose at me.com>

Gregor gets a few updates from Miles - which is as much as you can expect when Miles is
in the field, even if the field is your backyard. He and Miles go for removal of the chip,
with a very logical approach to the possible loss of data. Notably, Haroche isn't part of the
decision-making process.

Okay, I'm confused, it's been too long since I read that book, and my CD with the digital copies is AWOL. You say, He and Miles go for removal of the chip, but farther down....

Gwynne: I'm not sure what's confusing you - probably my rather rambling wander through
the book (sorry, I just whitter on about anything that seems interesting on the way through).
Miles talks with Gregor about the situation and his latest word from Simon's doctors, and they
discuss the wisdom of removing the chip vs the possible damage to Simon and the loss of data.
Gregor decides that some data is already known to him, some is backed up in other ways, and
any other 'big' things that aren't known or reproduced are probably better off forgotten
(considering their family history and Barrayaran events in his lifetime, it's probably a good thing
that some of it is wiped away forever.) He and Miles agree that for Simon's sake the risks of
surgery are better than the risk of letting his torment go on, which is likely to kill him.

I do also comment generally about their discussions, as when Miles is made temporary Auditor,
and they bring Ivan in. And there's a lovely relaxed feel to their conversation, Alys's 'three young
louts' together. Ivan and Miles respect Gregor, and the Emperor, but they're also able to be a
bit more informal with him (which is nice for poor Gregor, he doesn't get much chance to stop
being The Emperor.)

One more plus of Admiral Naismith's spectacular self-destruction is that Miles will be on
Barrayar a lot more, and Gregor will have his company. With Aral and Cordelia gone to Sergyar,
Gregor is more alone. Having Miles around will be ... well, not comforting exactly. But still, family.


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