[LMB] Gregor - Quietly Angry

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 18 09:09:34 BST 2017

From: "A. Marina Fournier" <saffronrose at me.com>

 On Apr 17, 2017, at 07:23 AM, Pat Mathews <MATHEWS55 at msn.com> wrote:
But if you want something done right, give it to someone intelligent and lazy... who will organize things so they can be done with the least possible effort. CVA shows that plainly. But .... Gregor's caution amounts to very much the same thing, doesn't it?

 I think Ivan took this concept to heart. I do my best to automate whatever I can about my life, starting with drip irrigation on timers. Without those, everything I plant/nurture dies from the failure of what passes for memory and scheduling.

 Gwynne: Totally agree on all of that, but can I just point out that 'lazy' is a very subjective
definition. Ivan is lazy by his family's standards because he hasn't conquered a planet or set
new records for the speed and ferocity with which he defeated an enemy. But by most
people's definitions, he does just fine. He was personally selected for an elite job, not
because of his connections but because he does it very well indeed. When he goes into
exile it takes him a few weeks to move the consulate to a much better climate zone,
reorganise the budget, employ a local to handle the scutwork, overhaul the roster to cut
working hours to half a week each, and make life much nicer all round. And he regards
the effort as equivalent to a quiet day in the Admiral's office. (He also organises the
Consul and sweeps him along with the new regime - shades of Miles there. Ivan just does
it all with less fanfare.)

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