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>     Gwynne:
>     Gregor gets a few updates from Miles - which is as much as you can expect
> when Miles is
>     in the field, even if the field is your backyard. He and Miles go for
> removal of the chip,
>     with a very logical approach to the possible loss of data. Notably,
> Haroche isn't part of the
>     decision-making process.
>     amf:
>     Okay, I'm confused, it's been too long since I read that book, and my CD
> with the digital copies is AWOL.

baen CD's can be downloaded - legally - here:




>     You say, He and Miles go for removal of the chip, but farther down....
>     Gwynne: I'm not sure what's confusing you - probably my rather rambling
> wander through
>     the book (sorry, I just whitter on about anything that seems interesting
> on the way through).
>     Miles talks with Gregor about the situation and his latest word from
> Simon's doctors, and they
>     discuss the wisdom of removing the chip vs the possible damage to Simon
> and the loss of data.
>     Gregor decides that some data is already known to him, some is backed up
> in other ways, and
>     any other 'big' things that aren't known or reproduced are probably better
> off forgotten
>     (considering their family history and Barrayaran events in his lifetime,
> it's probably a good thing
>     that some of it is wiped away forever.) He and Miles agree that for
> Simon's sake the risks of
>     surgery are better than the risk of letting his torment go on, which is
> likely to kill him.
>     I do also comment generally about their discussions, as when Miles is made
> temporary Auditor,
>     and they bring Ivan in. And there's a lovely relaxed feel to their
> conversation, Alys's 'three young
>     louts' together. Ivan and Miles respect Gregor, and the Emperor, but
> they're also able to be a
>     bit more informal with him (which is nice for poor Gregor, he doesn't get
> much chance to stop
>     being The Emperor.)
>     One more plus of Admiral Naismith's spectacular self-destruction is that
> Miles will be on
>     Barrayar a lot more, and Gregor will have his company. With Aral and
> Cordelia gone to Sergyar,
>     Gregor is more alone. Having Miles around will be ... well, not comforting
> exactly. But still, family.
>     Gwynne
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