[LMB] Miles takes over

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 19 01:20:36 BST 2017

From: Gwynne Powell 


I just wondered if they're always 'on duty', so to speak. I know they're the Emperor's

Voice when they're on assignment, but I wondered if they have that power all the time,

or only when working. It's rather a lot of power to go handing out to be used at random

all the time, and it'd be a bit awkward in their private lives. I wondered if there was some

limit on it or if they're always so powerful.


Micki: Just remembered. The Auditor voice can't always be on. Remember when Miles is having his 
argument with VorBadguy (Richter! Richter? Vorryuter, anyway. Dono's cousin)and remembers that 
something is treason if Miles is wearing his Auditor hat, 
and Miles thinks it's unfair to suddenly switch on him? Ugh, I have such a heavy head today, and I 
can't remember. It was in ACC, though. Auditors wear different hats, and try to make sure others 
know which hat is on at the moment. 

I think another magic trick is that just like we have to say please, an Auditor has to Request and 
Require . . . . (Komarr).

I really shouldn't answer when I'm lacking sleep. Hope this doesn't confuse the issue and you know 
exactly what passages I'm talking about. 


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