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>So Gregor could let the Counts, or the Council of 
>Ministers, decide on the apparently large and important
>questions, and they'll be happy to indulge him by 
>allowing some minor topics to sail right through. 
>But having Miles in the CoC will make all that 
>even easier. And probably more entertaining, too.

The Council of "Counts" is interesting in that each
of 60 seats/votes seemingly may be filled/cast by:

The Count himself,
The Count's designated heir, or
The Count's "professional" voting proxy.

I think we see a parallel in _CVA_ where Count
Falco Vorpatril keeps his hand in by sitting as
a judge.  Most often a full time judge who does 
only judging sits in judgment in Falco's courts. 
So most of the lawyers, barristers, advocates
and whoever mostly expect to see, and be heard
by that judge.  But Falco lets it be known in
advance what dates he chooses to sit. So some 
cases, like Ivan's and Tej's, are brought 
specifically to Falco -- probably less in 
hopes of truth, justice and the Barrayaran 
Way than in hope of nepotism, fear, favor 
and Vorish privilege. 

If so, actually going to a Council of
Counts conclave may be a comparatively rare
thing. Depending on the Count of course. But
Vorkosigans, and I suspect many of those aligned
with Aral, tend to let a full-time voter vote
the council seat. A Count, similarly to Falco, 
"keeps a hand in" once in a while and on
specific issues of policy. This demonstrates 
to his liege-people and peers that he CAN and 
WILL and CHOOSES to exercise power on 
such-and-such a frequency or about this-and-that.
This also publically sets the example for his
proxy -- "my preference is THIS on taxes and
THAT on military spending and NEGOTIABLE on
immigration," etc.

Any, (and again only if I infer the set up
correctly) there may be a network of personal
alliances and factions among the men (so far, 
only men) holding proxy power, that is slightly 
different than the network among the Counts. 

It also suggests to me there may be sessions
where the rule of the council really insists on
the Counts (where everybody in summoned in
on writs of parchment tied in silk ribbons, perhaps)
and other much more routine sessions where 
any of the three seat holders might show up. (But
are usually worked by the proxies.)  
 Imagine the consternation among the professionals 
when Count Vorfolse suddenly takes it into his head 
to intrude on a carefully crafted compromise. This 
without preparation, attendance at the committee 
meetings, reading the Minister's recommendations...

Imagine if it's Miles making such a sudden 
improvisational appearance...

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