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Some snips for brevity, out of a very interesting post...
The Council of "Counts" is interesting in that each
of 60 seats/votes seemingly may be filled/cast by:
The Count himself,
The Count's designated heir, or
The Count's "professional" voting proxy.

Gwynne: I wonder if Ivan has been Gregor's voting proxy at times? After
all he's seen as the most likely heir. And it'd be dynamite (in all the wrong
ways) to have Miles sitting on the camp stool. Plus Ivan seems quite at
home in the CoC; in ACC the Lord Guardian points out that it's time to leave
the chamber before the session starts again. He seems to know Ivan, and
isn't at all fussed that Ivan is in the chamber.

I think we see a parallel in _CVA_ where Count
Falco Vorpatril keeps his hand in by sitting as
a judge....

Gwynne: Miles notes that a lot of the Counts hear cases when they can,
to show interest in the District and keep a finger on the pulse. Plus I
think it allows them to nudge certain important cases in the right
direction, especially when the decision will be setting an important
precedent. And of course when it involves family, as with Ivan's divorce -
Alys had made sure that Falco knew what was going on, and no doubt
it suited Falco to keep on her good side. I wonder if an ordinary judge
would have let the divorce go through.

It also suggests to me there may be sessions
where the rule of the council really insists on
the Counts (where everybody in summoned in
on writs of parchment tied in silk ribbons, perhaps)
and other much more routine sessions where
any of the three seat holders might show up. (But
are usually worked by the proxies.)

Gwynne: There's definitely some votes that are more important than
others, and that involve all the Counts. It's also important to note that the
CoC chamber is just about the only place where a Count can escape, for a
while, from his Countess. For some of them that would be a huge plus.

I love your idea of a network of proxies, doing their own wheeling and
dealing. I'd imagine that some Counts Heirs, and a few spare younger
brothers and other spare relatives, do the job. But now that I think about
it, would it really be a good idea to give a younger brother the taste of
being a Count? Maybe it'd be safer to choose someone a few steps away
from you, someone who wouldn't be tempted by the feeling of power to
try to step into your shoes permanently.

It's all very complicated, being a Count, isn't it.

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