[LMB] The Importance of Vassily

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 20 03:12:34 BST 2017

Dipping into ACC to try to find some textev for a post, and I found myself
eading the scene where Vassily and Hugo turn up to take Nikki away, just
before the big vote.

And I realised that Vassily is far more important to the plot than I'd noticed before.

That scene where he tries to take Nikki is a huge moment, for Ekaterin, it's
the moment when she finally shatters her Vor-lady shell and steps free. Big time.

Up to that point she'd always been so determined to be true Vor. To be a
good Vor wife, a good Vor woman. Leaving Tien was a massive step, but it
was so instantly followed by his death and all the problems that brought with it,
that she didn't really deal with it. Later she discussed it with Miles, and started
to reassess her Vor ideals, a little.

But with Vassily she suddenly snaps. With Tien she had to be the good wife, she
gave way in arguments for Nikki's sake, and because of all those invisible limits
around her. But when Vassily tromps in she suddenly realises that she owes him
nothing. He wants Nikki to behave? He can try. He wants a screwdriver? "Get it
yourself." For Ekaterin, that's a huge, HUGE moment. She basically gives Nikki
permission to be defiant, and she joins in. (And enjoys it, too.)

Yes, she trashed the wormhole conspirators, but that was her Vor duty. It didn't
change her ideals. But when she refuses to support Vassily she's found her inner
bitch, and really really likes her.

And the important effect of this is that when Richars attacks her in the CoC, she's
primed and ready. Would she have responded the same way if she hadn't just broken
free in her argument with Vassily? Richars prods her at just the wrong moment, and
the results are glorious. The old Ekaterin would have struggled to cope, but at that
moment she's not going to back down and be the good, quiet Vor woman.

So she owes Vassily a rather odd vote of thanks. He's an important catalyst in her
growth and change.


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