[LMB] Vassily and Type-A personalities

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Fri Apr 21 01:01:56 BST 2017

Dave McMillan writes:

>Dean Kamen might be an example of someone who (so far) 
>keeps finding new challenges to keep himself from 
>achieving self-parody.

Jeff Bezos seems to keep wrecking decent though not
perfect logistics systems with wildly different, even-
less-perfect logistics processes. I notice for
exaple some deliveries now are by generic white 
van vehicle with mufti-clad employees wearing a generic 
yellow safety vest (as opposed to USPS/FedE/UPS 
specialized vehicles and uniformed delivery drivers).
There are solid reasons the legacy delivery systems
settled on particular brand markers ... Bezos may
or may not discover those reasons, or once 
discovering them, prioritize them traditionally, or
even if belatedly agreeing with the priority, react
with the same solutions. But the rapid changes are
not so much a challenge to boredom or self-parody,
I suspect, as a way to learn from making more
mistakes, more quickly, than prior competitors. 

The Amazon processes (Mechanical Turks being
a prototypical example) generally involve giving
a big roomful of actual human beings about an hour
of simple instructions and turning them loose on 
one simple task.  Sears and like competitors tend
rather to spend time studying the task, then handing
it off to programmers to code and engineers to automate
for use in carefully designed structures with very few people,
those promoted from within the system, and selected 
by HR specialists for good performance within the 
pre-task environment. 

It's a different world now. 

Speaking of which, the Musk/Bezos space race gives me hope...

Back to Vassily, it seemed clear to me he didn't
really want to take (rescue, protect, move)
Nikki.  He did want to do his duty, as he was
persuaded to do; but he seemed to me very much
a conventional person in his box. 


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