[LMB] OT: Calvin Coolidge (WAS:- Neurasthenic Git)

James M. BRYANT G4CLF james at jbryant.eu
Fri Apr 21 13:28:19 BST 2017

I also like the story of the origin of the name
"Coolidge Effect" for sexual restimulation by
the availability of a new partner.

The President and <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grace_Coolidge>Mrs. 
Coolidge were being shown
[separately] around an experimental government
farm. When Mrs. Coolidge came to the chicken yard
she noticed that a rooster was mating very frequently.
She asked the attendant how often that happened and
was told, "Dozens of times each day."

Mrs. Coolidge said, "Tell that to the President when
he comes by."

Upon being told, the President asked, "Same hen
every time?" The reply was, "Oh, no, Mr. President,
a different hen every time."

President: "Tell that to Mrs. Coolidge."

Writing a short poem
with seventeen syllables
is very diffi

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