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On Mon, 24 Apr 2017, at 15:54, Gwynne Powell wrote:

>    unless  they're on assignment.
    Except that in Komarr, Miles says that he's just tagged along with
    Professor Vorthys to     see an investigation in action, because
    this is the first one since he
    became an Auditor.
    So is an Auditor able to select his tasks? Or is it a bit more 
    complicated than that; maybe

In fact the first since Miles became a /Permanent/ auditor.

He was a  9th (temporary) auditor in _Memory_ and the Gregor's commands
there are a good example of one meaning of "The exception proves the

"I think," said Gregor, "it will save ever so many steps if I simply
appoint you as an acting Imperial Auditor. With the usual broad limits
on a Ninth Auditor's powers of course; whatever you do has to be at
least dimly related to the event you are assigned to evaluate, in this
case, Illyan's breakdown. You can't order executions, and in the
unlikely event you direct any arrests ... well, I would appreciate it if
they came attached to sufficient evidence for successful prosecutions.
One expects a certain, um, traditional decorum in an Imperial Auditor's
investigations, and due care." 

So the Permanents can investigate anything, can order executions and
arrest even Counts.

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