[LMB] 5 Books That Get Ruined If You Take Away a Key Piece of Technology | Tor.com

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 30 01:47:27 BST 2017

This came through fine on the website, and to my email, both times.

(-: Interesting, indeed. Although isn't that the point of science fiction in most cases? The 
intersection of technology and our lives? It should all be ruined if you take away a key piece of 

I'd have to agree that UR is really a foundational piece of tech. Harems may have produced child-
slaves in the past (or not) for the VorMuir effect, but it'd be so ethically horrifying for a Taura to 
be born of a human mother. (If the whole warrior-race thing wasn't bad enough.) I think the child 
would have to be prematurely C-sectioned, for starters. And then after that, steal her from her 
mother? Make her mother raise a monstrosity? Give her mother a choice? Interesting stories, but not 
V-verse stories. Not in this form.


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