[LMB] Birthday greetings

Marc Wilson marc.wilson at gmx.co.uk
Sun Apr 30 22:45:03 BST 2017

Today is Andrew Lambdin-Abraham's 34th birthday! 

We've not heard much from you lately, Andrew - clearly another man of

As is traditional in such cases, you will be whisked by fast courier to
ImpSec headquarters, perhaps for a debrief, perhaps just for a visit.
Who am I to ask?  Certainly don't have the clearance needed to know - or
do I?

Anyhow, your visit, however it may go, will be followed with an
afternoon's sightseeing and perhaps some shopping with Lady Alys, and a
Ma Kosti supper to finish of a splendid day.

Happy birthday!
If you do commit suicide, if you're left-handed, hold the gun in
your right hand. It will drive the detectives nuts looking for
your killer.

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