[LMB] Wath about a "The Vor movie"?

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Fri Dec 8 12:03:45 GMT 2017

On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 10:25 PM, Eric Oppen <ravenclaweric at gmail.com> wrote:

> And then there's the Script from Hell, which we have discussed here before.
> I'm not clear on the details (it's been a while) so could someone else
> explain to our new friends?
> Oh, and welcome.  I may look scary but I don't bite.

The script from hell, yes....

Basically a movie company bought some kind of rights to The Warrior's
Apprentice, but really wanted to make a Star Wars knock-off. Characters had
names from TWA, but the plot had no recognizable connections to the story.

I could look up some details (it was talked about on the list back in the
old old days), but suffice to say the result was really really appalling.
The movie never got made.

Shakespeare monologues in the place of all the thinking and internal growth
that occur in the tales could work, though that would do better as a play
than as a movie. Makes me wish someone would try plays.

The stories have some really good scenes that would be delightful in
movies, but there's too much of the quiet thinking to survive a movie
audience. Some of the internal monologues could probably be transformed
into conversations, maybe inside of extra scenes that don't actually
correspond to events in the books. (lies, but I would forgive the movie
producers for them)

Falling Free could probably work mostly as-is.

If Shards of Honor and Barrayar were run together, that might work. Shards
could work as a romance story on its own, but I'd rather have Barrayar
added to it - just not sure how to sell the combo, since it's not going to
fit as any particular kind of movie.

Similarly, I'd bet it would be possible to do a Young Miles that puts The
Warrior's Apprentice together with The Vor Game (I want Mountains of
Mourning very much, but I can't make the movie work in my mind if that
story is present - it's too different from the rest).

Ah, well...

Karen Hunt

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