[LMB] Andrew's hospital update: 1

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I'm sorry to hear this! Best of luck and best wishes for his complete recovery.

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Kate asked me to post this, as her system's a bit wonky at the moment [in more ways than one, alas ;(]  Our best wishes to Andrew, Kate--Jerrie

Andrew's hospital update: 1

Andrew went into hospital on Monday afternoon, with an infection, dehydration & low blood pressure. The dehydration & low blood pressure have been sorted, and he's getting antibiotics for the infection. Don't know where the bug came from; it seems to have missed me.
He's currently in the Intensive Care Unit in Watford General Hospital, because he needs a lot of oxygen at the moment. He is getting better (he can sit in a chair for a bit, & he's not in a big O2 mask all the time now).
I have no idea how long he's going to be in hospital...

Health and best wishes to you all,

Kate Soley Barton
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