[LMB] Wath about a "The Vor movie"?

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 9 08:19:17 GMT 2017

I have to agree that it'd be better as a mini-series. (-: Maybe one each year! Are there any cable 
channels in the US who do mini-series, kind of on the BBC model? I would love to see the BBC tackle 
this, as well, but someone said in earlier discussions that the BBC likes home-grown British authors. 

OK, maybe we need to depend on YouTubers. I know everything is better with a fabulous budget, but 
could something like The Vor Game be done on a budget? Or would we be better off with animation? I've 
seen some great things done with primitive sketches to the songs of Hamilton. 

Maybe we need to send a copy of Miles in Love to Lin-Manuel Miranda . . . . I would love to see a 
musical version of Komarr/ACC. 


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