[LMB] Wath about a "The Vor movie"?

Luke Bretscher rocketman0739 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 16:09:52 GMT 2017

I don't think I'd like to see Peter Dinklage as Miles. He's a very
good actor, but just because he's a good actor and a dwarf doesn't
mean he's a good fit for every dwarf role. Granted, he may have a side
that I'm unfamiliar with, but he's always seemed to me best at playing
a relatively calm and grounded character...not quite the thing for
manic, mercurial Miles.

Oh, and regarding Axanar--it's a shame how the situation played out,
but don't be _too_ hard on Paramount. The people making Axanar were
really stretching the definition of a fan film.

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