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If you're in the USA, there's a series of swapping websites I like.  The
first site is http://www.paperbackswap.com/ ; then there's
http://www.swapacd.com/ and http://www.swapadvd.com/ .  You list things.
When people want them, you pay to ship, which gives you credits [sort of
like prepaid shipping].  You can have things shipped to you or anyone else
within the USA [including APO, overseas military, etc.].  You can also buy
individual credits for well under 4.00 and can transfer credits between
sites.  I think of it as the most expensive de-cluttering ever, but at least
you know whoever gets your stuff really wants it.  

Various times in the year, the site will sponsor title 1 schools [low
income, most students getting subsidized or free lunch], where members can
donate credits for books.  So, a book [or cd] in my house becomes a book or
cd in someone else's house and also a book in a child's hand.  One need not
be Professor Parish to say, that's some good math right there.  Best holiday
giving ever, plus, they don't spam you the way some other giving sites do.

There are currently 1,786,105 books and 168,243 cds available.  Just a


That's really good information! Thank you!


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